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What is the Open Source Intelligence OSINT?

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For Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), we mean analyzing information collected through open source sources. OSINT is applied for various uses, from national security to business intelligence, big data, industrial espionage and many more.

Information flows are acquired through national and international sources through:

- media with television, press and newspapers, magazines, televisions;
- Internet with online publications, blogs, forums and forums, citizen media, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc;
- Public government data with public government reports, hearings, budgets, telephone directories, press conferences, speeches, etc;
- Academic and professional publications with specialized journals, conferences, conferences, theses, graduate theses, academic publications;
- Commercial data with financial and industrial evaluations, databases, commercial images;
- Gray Literature with technical reports, preprint, patents, papers, business papers, unpublished works, graduate theses, corporate newsletters.

Each analyst's skill is to read, analyze every little piece of information and capture the true essence useful in order to obtain true information, which results in trying to understand the counterinformation and screening attempts.

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